Other Services

We offer wide range of services:
1. Production crew, art department crew and technical crew
2. Personal producer from start to finish
3. Location manager, location scouting and hire
4. Providing insurance and permits advice
5. Production scheduling and on-set support
6. Sourcing props and food stylist
7. Sourcing set designers and builders
8. Arranging travel and hotel accommodation
9. Organizing transport and catering
10. Mobile office support : Mobile phones / walkie talkies
11. Casting and model booking
12. Sourcing stylists and make-up artists
13. Sourcing wardrobe stylist
14. Postproduction and Retouching
15. Commercial photography & film

These are what we can do to make your shoot success:
  • Get involved in your project at the early stage
  • Understand your project content and creative concept
  • Do careful planning and detailed budgeting
  • Advise on best, suitable and most cost effective locations
  • Location booking
  • Negotiate rates for comfortable accommodations, travel and logistic
  • Select the most professional crew
  • Support your set designer by building and scouting any props required
  • Provide equipment rental and studio hire
  • Hire an excellent caterer offering healthy, tasty food and drinks for all day
  • Coordinate every step of your production
  • Aware of changes while shooting, we are flexible and prepared
  • Personal runner to assure that all will be at the right place in the right time
Our production team is a full service production house specializing in stills photography, offering outstanding production support to the finest photographers in the world. We have worked with photographers from various countries such as Japan, Germany, Canada, UK, London, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Shanghai, Guang Zhou and more.

Just send us your brief and your budget and we'll send you an array of options available to make your project a success.
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