Shooting Studio Rental

Metal Bees provides both photography and videography shooting studio rental that allows your creativity to flourish. Not all photo/video shoots are the same and require different supplementary tools. Some sessions will do fine with limited space, however, the more equipment, props, costumes, crew members or larger set build you have, you would need to take adequate square footage into account. Ideally, your shooting studio rental should have ample space for the actual shooting, for the storage of items and equipment, and for having a comfortable waiting or break area especially when you have to practice social distancing for the current situation. Metal Bees will certainly be the right choice as all our studios are spacious enough to cater to all mentioned above.

Brick Studio 3,760 sqft
Metal Studio 2,883 sqft
The Raw Studio 4,038 sqft

Besides, if you are planning for vehicle shooting, the access of the vehicle into the venue has to take into consideration. All Metal Bees studios are accessible by car, and perfect for car shooting.

We provide a full-service production house specializing in stills photography, videography, and outstanding production support to the finest creative directors in the world.

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