8 tips on finding the best wedding venue in KL & PJ

Choosing your wedding venue will undoubtedly be one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as an engaged couple. The venue you pick will determine the amount of guests you can invite, the location of your wedding, and of course the theme and styling, too. The venue is going to be the backdrop in your photos, where you share your first meal as a married couple, where you dance the night away and ultimately one of the most important pieces of the entire wedding planning process. No idea where to start? Here’s some tips to help you on finding a wedding venue.

1. Wedding Theme

The wedding venue you’ve chosen will influence the theme or styling of your wedding day. Think of your wedding and venue as part of the bigger picture, and go with a venue that’s in-keeping with the theme that you want. For glittering modern big days, we recommend our studios.

2. Capacity of Wedding Venue

Size is one of the most important factors when selecting a wedding venue. The number of people a space can hold for your ideal ceremony, reception, or both will have an effect on how many people you are going to invite to share in your special day with you and your future spouse.

Service style at your reception is also something to keep in mind when it comes to size. A lot of venues have different levels of capacity based on service style. If you’re planning a cocktail style reception, the capacity is often high then if you’re planning a full seated dinner style reception.

Make sure the venue can accommodate the size of your guests. In order to avoid miscalculations, do overestimate attendees then underestimate.

3. Location of Wedding Venue

Guests are from all over the countries, to make sure everyone can attend your wedding, choosing the right venue & location is crucial. Ease and accessibility should be considered when making your decision.

Metal Bees provides VIP parking lots in front of all studios. There are ample parking lots around all studios. Besides, there is a parking space opposite Metal and Brick Studio which can accommodate about 100 vehicles.

4. Wedding Staff & Hall Amenities

Behind every good venue is a great venue manager and venue staff. There are so many little details that go into planning your wedding, and the venue staff knows this from experience.

Put your guests in awe with Metal Bees Studio’s modern minimalist designs. To keep them entertained, Metal Bees Studios provides Full HD Laser Projector and sound system with wireless mic. Create the perfect ambiance to set your guests in good spirits with ambient lighting and chandeliers. Industrial-looking glass facade offers an abundance of natural light too, light it up with fairy lights during the night to create an intimate event to remember. Click here to learn more about the production studio that offered by Metal Bees.

A studio equipped with a Full HD Laser Projector and a sound system with wireless mic

5. Wedding Photographer

Photos from your wedding are going to be with you forever, so your photographer being able to capture everything perfectly should be important.


Pay attention to the interior details of the wedding venue when you’re touring a space. Exposed brick, natural lighting or light display are going to be details you will want to be captured on your big day.


Interesting outdoor décor can make for some jaw-dropping photos and will feel totally authentic to your wedding day and the city you’re getting married in. Don’t be afraid of a little weather, sometimes a few raindrops while you’re under an umbrella can really take a picture to the next level.

6. Savvy spending

Budget is a key factor for most couples when considering which venue to book. Weddings can be very expensive, especially if you don’t do the proper budget planning. Before you put down any money for deposits, it’s worth chatting to the in-house coordinator for the best rate.

7. Venue Availability for your wedding date

It’s perfectly normal for couples to book their chosen wedding venue 12-18 months before their wedding date, giving them plenty of time to plan their perfect day. Once you begin shortlisting venues, availability needs to be high on your priority list. Some venues will have their most desired dates booked 2-3 years in advance and as of 2020 postponements and cancellations have increased demand for popular dates. Be realistic when it comes to dates, the more flexible you can be, the more options you will have. Weekday weddings are certainly becoming more and more popular, and we love the appeal.

8. Vendor restrictions

Ask if your venue has a “preferred” list of vendors or if you can use any vendor you like. If you must use preferred vendors, ask if there is a discount. Similarly, ask if there is a fee for choosing vendors outside the venue’s vetted list. If there is a particular vendor you have your eye on, you’ll want to know if you can hire them to work for your wedding at the venue you choose.


With these 8 tips to choose the best wedding venue, we hope it helps you to find the perfect event venue. Other than the wedding hall rental, Metal Bees Studio provided the event venue for photography as well. They do not charge additional fees if you hire your own vendor. In addition, you are not required to use a specific vendor, do feel free to bring in your preferred caterer and vendor. Contact the best event space provider today!