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Metal Bees provides unique event venues in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya that adapt the industrial warehouse building design which can fulfill all of your needs for event space rental. The entire event space consists of three amazing buildings: The Raw Studio, Brick Studio, & Rom 8 Studio. Each building has different dimensions and is equipped with a high-quality projector & sound system to ensure its ability to accommodate every of your event needs, making sure your event will be the best one ever! The flexibility in dimensions allows Metal Bees to transform from a private wedding venue to a professional event space for corporate events & fashion shows. Without a doubt, Metal Bees provides the best event venue for rent that could turn your wishes into reality. Our studios are also one of the best photo shooting studios & production houses in Malaysia as well!

Our event space is conveniently located 20 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur, the nearest MRT station is the Surian Station which is only 3 minutes drive away. You could discover our event space on a quiet street in Sunway Damansara Technology Park.

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Event Space Brick Studio
Event Venue Brick Reception


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Event Space Main Hall

Main Hall

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Event Venue Makeup Room

Makeup Room

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Lot 6 Brick Studio - Event Space Rental

Brick Studio

Getting bored with the typical banquet ballroom?
Brick Studio is a unique & photogenic wedding reception space that is equipped with in-house ambient lighting and greenery courtyard,
so please make sure you take enough Instagrammable photos with your guests before the night ends!

Whole Ground Floor included 1 reception (3,760 sqft)
can accommodate 250 pax (round table seating)
300 pax (theatre seating)
400 pax (standing)

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Metal Studio Metal Bees - Event Space Rental
Metal Studio Outdoor - Event Space Rental


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Lot 8 Metal Studio - Event Space Rental

Rom 8 Studio

Are you looking for a versatile, spacious, and minimalistic event venue?
Whether it is a party, celebration, reception, corporate function, or car show, ROM 8 Studio is perfect for you!

Whole Ground Floor included 1 reception (3,262 sqft)
Can accommodate up to 200 pax (round table seating)
250 pax (theatre seating)
350 pax (standing)

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The Raw Studio - Event Space Rental
Studio 3 | The Raw Studio

Studio 3

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Studio 1 | The Raw Studio

Studio 1

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Studio 2 | The Raw Studio

Studio 2

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Studio 4 | The Raw Studio

Studio 4

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Makeup Room | The Raw Studio

Make-Up Room

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Reception | The Raw Studio


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Lot 33- Event Hall Rental

The Raw Studio

With car accessible sliding door and comes with four studios in various dimensions,
The Raw Studio would definitely be your ideal photography shooting studio for rent a space that brings imagination to life.

Whole Ground Floor (4,038 sqft)
can accommodate 300 pax (round table seating)
350 pax (theatre seating)
500 pax (standing)

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Why Should You Choose Metal Bees For An Unconventional Event Hall?

Picking a traditional venue is easy. If you do things the traditional way, you could pick a hotel ballroom, restaurant, convention centre or banquet hall. These venues have been used time and time. However, they are a bit boring, and you can bet your guest will not remember the venue after the night.

Exclusive Venue for your special event

With car accessible sliding door and comes with four studios in various dimensions, The Raw Studio would definitely be your ideal photography shooting studio for rent a space that brings imagination to life.

Inspired by nature, Brick studio. with its exposed unique brick, super spacious that you can create an exact ambient your event guests longing for and surely ideal for corporate function or team building activities.

If you dream to reveal your heart and soul of your brand to life, ROM 8 Studio is a perfect choice for you.

Prepare to be in awe with the creative, simplistic design and beautiful natural lights that will boost your mood at all times.

Our event expertise that you can rely on

Built to cater to white space’s best photographic studio experience, The Raw Studio is a dream come true for professional photographers and videographers.

Luckily you have our in house team to assist you from the very beginning, ensuring your event success and running seamlessly as possible till the end. We are committed to captivate your audience with our Event Space.

With a wealth of experience, rest assured that you can leave the heavy to our expertise.

No hidden cost guarantee

We believe in brand transparency.

What you see on the site or receive through booking calls is the one that you need to pay for to ensure there are no unwanted surprises after a successful event.

Host your event without feeling doubt and prepare to be awe with what we have at our fingertips beyond what we feature on this site.

We provide affordable and reasonable prices for our event hall rental

Book your event date and drop us a line with our Event Space Rental Expertise for a smooth sailing event experience.

Event vendor selection

Most traditional venues do events all the time, which means they do have vendors to operate with them. Most preferred or exclusive vendors have commission arrangements as well with the venues. With non-traditional spaces, you will likely have more flexibility to work with any number of vendors, thus creating an open market for fair competition.

Event space with immense creativity

Turning non-traditional event venues into an event space will allow you to get creative, as planning around their unique quirks and limitations can be a welcomed challenge. They can also help hit home the theme and mood of an event.

Awesome event hall for branding

You want guests to remember who threw them an awesome party, and non-traditional venues can offer just as cool non-traditional branding opportunities.

Increasing activity on social media

At events with unique venues, there are even more opportunities for your attendees to engage on social media and generate buzz. Having an innovative, never-before-seen event space will encourage attendees to share their experiences online. This could help generate traffic to your or your clients´ websites and social media, as well as help to build awareness of the brand and even add to your credibility as an event planner.

Stand out from other events

Traditional event venues such as ballrooms and hotel conference rooms have been tried and tested and used repeatedly. There is a reason that non-traditional event venues are on the rise, and event planners are looking to break out of the box with new spaces. These events stand out from the rest and create memorable charming experiences.

Saving money with affordable rental

Using non-traditional event spaces can also be easier on your budget. You may not need to pay for nearly as much decor in events spaces like Metal Bees Event Hall for rent in Kuala Lumpur, because you can take advantage of the unique setting and what we already have. When working with non-traditional event spaces, it´s important to remember there can be challenges in terms of catering and rentals. In the end, it will be well worth it once you see your one-of-a-kind event take shape.

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