The Raw Studio

The Raw Studio is a blank canvas. This studio is an event space where the transformation and creativity know no boundaries. This building has 4 different studios, allowing you to bring your imagination to life.

Equipment Provided

Let us have your equipment waiting for you on set during your shoot day.

You are welcome to bring your own gear to our studio but if you do need to rent gear, we can make your production easier. Just send us the list of equipment that you need and we will give you a quote for the rental cost. You do not need to open accounts at various rental houses and arrange for costly deliveries and returns. We are happy to take care everything for you.

We deliver the international spec of gear you are used to and need, from camera and lighting through to a wide array of latest production supplies. And beside the actual hardware, we have technical crew to work with you and advise on your particular needs.

Photoshoot Equipment
Production Support
Video Shoot Equipment
Camera Equipment
Camera Stand