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A Versatile Event Venue for Rent in Kuala Lumpur & Petaling Jaya

Whether it’s a launch party, car show, birthday celebration, wedding reception or corporate function, ROM 8 Studio is designed to cater to various events with its versatile and ample space.

So, if you’re searching for an event venue for rent, then the ROM 8 Studio by Metal Bees might be the ideal choice.

About ROM 8 Studio Event Space by Metal Bees

ROM 8 Studio is an event venue that is ideal and spacious enough to hold an array of events within its premises of  21.81M (L) x 11.48M (W) X 7.00M / 4.50M (H). Its size is perfect for accommodating up to 250 pax for a round table seating setup, 300 pax for a theatre seating setup and up to 400 pax for a standing event.  

Its design consists of unique exposed brick and wooden wall interiors that look clean and minimalistic and has no obstructing columns that are known to take up unnecessary space and obstruct the view of guests and attendees of an event. 

Besides that, the ROM 8 Studio is a great event venue for indoor celebrations as the premise is fully air-conditioned so that guests and attendees will feel cool and comfortable throughout the event. Additionally, the event space also provides indoor ambient lighting and pendant lights to give any event a classy feel. 

Another great thing about ROM 8 Studio as an event venue is that you will also have the choice of utilising its outdoor space, which consists of a lush greenery courtyard and a lovely fish pond. Its outdoor event venue also comes with outdoor fairy lights at night to add a romantic rustic vibe to an event.

Event Venue Features of Rom 8 Studio

As an event venue for rent in KL and PJ, ROM 8 also includes other special features that the event host can access.

This includes a minimalistic glass reception area, which is a perfect space to welcome and gather guests or attendees before the start of the event, and a fully foldable glass door that provides you with direct access to the outdoor space so that you can enjoy nature.

Other than that, the ROM 8 Studio is also car accessible, which allows you to drive a few cars into the main hall of the event venue. This is especially ideal for car show events or launching.

Other Available Event Hall Facilities of ROM 8 Studio

ROM 8 Studio also provides other event venue facilities that we feel are important to have to make your event a successful one.

Besides that, a spacious makeup room is readily available at ROM 8 if you need to get ready before your event or do a quick change and touch-up.

There is also a cosy lounge area provided with a comfortable full-leather sofa where you can escape to take a break.

ROM 8 also has a food preparation area that provides a chiller and water dispenser for your preparation and storage convenience during the event.

Thinking to utilise ROM 8’s outdoor space at night? We will also provide fairy lights at the event venue to make your event a magical one.

Finally, no event is complete without a projector and sound system, which is why ROM 8 Studio has got you covered should you need a Full HD projector and sound system with a wireless microphone. These facilities are also complimentary.

Video Production House Malaysia
Video Production House Malaysia
Video Production House Malaysia
Video Production House Malaysia
Video Production House Malaysia
Video Production House Malaysia
Video Production House Malaysia


Frequently Asked Questions About ROM 8 Studio Event Venue